System Development

With the latest React Native, Flutter, BaaS, etc. used in the successful products of Silicon Valley as the core technology, the development speed is more than 70% faster than the traditional technology

Operation process consulting

Discuss with you how to systematize the operation method

Select function section

Choose different functions according to your needs

Regular measurement, maintenance and review

Review the effectiveness and strive for perfection

System design drawing

Modify the functional version block according to your actual situation
PHP/MySQL HTML/CSS/JS Electron/React

Teaching and follow-up

Make sure you and your employees
Able to fully grasp the use of the system

Tailor-made functions

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Going together on the commercial road, brainstorming, why not do it?

Customer Relationship Management Program-CRM

One of the functions of the CRM system is to assist companies in managing the sales cycle, attracting new customers, and retaining old customers.

The CRM system provides customer service and further enhances the relationship between enterprises and customers, provides personalized customer consultation and services, and is supplemented by corresponding information systems to coordinate the interaction between enterprises and customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning Scheme-ERP

The ERP system can help companies systematically handle daily affairs such as sales, finance, inventory, and purchase management.

Since different companies operate differently, we need to provide customers with professional advice "tailor-made" and "customize" the most suitable ERP system.

Electronic appointment system

Optimized for mobile devices, an online reservation website dedicated to you, the reservation system is integrated into the official website, and customers can directly complete reservations through different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

At the same time, we also attach the utmost importance to the security of customers’ data. The system automatically backs up all appointment data every day. By connecting various major online cash flow platforms, using PayPal to guide customers to pay for appointments/deposits, or manage their own appointments through POS Cash/credit card payment for visitors, thereby helping you to improve the performance of practical functions.

One-stop payment system solution

The electronic payment system solution is designed to provide enterprises with more flexible, convenient and preferential payment collection services, which can not only help enterprises quickly establish online transaction channels, but also allow your company's customers to have a variety of payment methods.

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Smart Document Management System
HK$ 12,200
  • Issuing bills and receipts/preparing quotations

We have a professional technical team responsible for the development of various systems

CRM system, Membership system, Reservation system, Online registration system, Inventory system, Workflow system, Database system and Electronic health database, and other...

In addition, our portal site in Intranet/Internet,

Rich experience in development of multi-platform application system migration (including Windows, Linux) and mobile applications.

Can provide professional help for your system upgrade, expansion, diversification, etc.

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